Embedding videos, images and links into your forms can be easily done with the text output control. This feature is very helpful when wanting to create more user-friendly forms and equipping them with the necessary visualisation with the help of different media.

To create the text output control, click the "Add new form control" at the bottom of the corresponding form page.

After having created the text output control, you will be seeing a big text field that shows different formatting options at the top of it. Additionally, you can format your text using markdown. 

Adding links

The link button can be used to add a link to your text. When you click it, this little pop-up window will appear: 

If you highlighted text before clicking the link button, the highlighted text will be added to the 'Link name' bar. If you haven't highlighted the text before clicking the link button, you can add your link text here. Then you can just add the link in the 'Link address' bar.

Videos, Images and external Links can be embedded using the same steps. Furthermore, you can click the Zenkit symbol to add Items and Collections to your form.

By clicking the "?" you can access a help menu that shows many formatting options you can use in your forms. 

Type ![alt](url "tooltip[styles]") for example to add an image or [text](URL) to insert a link.