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With a Plus subscription or higher, you can create recurring tasks by adding a repeater. This can be really helpful for scheduling recurring meetings, weekly or daily tasks, or even as a birthday reminder! When you mark a recurring task as complete, the next one will appear. 

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Adding a repeater

To add a repeater to a task, it first needs to have a due date scheduled. Pick your date, click or tap "Save", and then you'll see a "Repeater" field appear. Tap or click on the Repeater field to add it.

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It's important to note that each recurring task that appears will be an exact copy of the task it was created on, including any notes or attachments. If you don't want that additional info in the recurring task, please make sure those fields are clear before adding the repeater.

Repeater options

When creating a repeater, you have several options available for the rate of recurrence. The number field under "Repeat every" calculates the frequency of the recurrence, and you can choose the interval via the drop down menu to the right. 

  • Day Your task will repeat every X days.
  • Week Your task will repeat every X weeks on the chosen days. e.g. repeat every 2 weeks on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Month Your task will repeat every X months. You can choose whether it repeats on the same day each month (e.g. on the 15th) or on the first or last weekday of the month.
  • Year Your task will repeat every X years.

You can also choose when the repeater ends:

  • Never The repeater will continue to work indefinitely until you delete it.
  • On a date You pick a specific date on which the repeater should stop repeating.
  • After a number of occurrences The repeater will stop after a certain number of repetitions.

Modifying a repeater

At the moment, it's not possible to change a repeater. You need to delete it then re-create it with the new recurrence rate.

Deleting a repeater

To delete a repeater, simply tap or click the X next to the repeater on the task.