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The Zenkit calendar is a very simple tool that shows your items as they’re scheduled in a monthly or weekly calendar view.

Creating items in calendar view

To create a new item in calendar view from Month mode, simply click on the "+" button in the top right corner of the date you’d like to add the item to. 

If you’re viewing the calendar in Week mode, click the "+" next to the date you’d like to add the item to. 

The new item will be created with that date already assigned to it.

Switching between week and month view

To switch between week and month mode, just click "Week" or "Month" in the top right hand corner of the calendar. To move between weeks and months, click the arrow icons. To navigate to today’s date, click "Today". 

Viewing unscheduled items

To see unscheduled items, click the icon in the top right hand corner that states the number of unscheduled items. 

This will open a menu that lists unscheduled items. You can cause the panel to remain fixed on the page by clicking the panel icon in the top right corner of the menu. You can drag and drop items into the calendar from the menu and the panel. 

You can also add new items from this panel by clicking on "Add Item" at the bottom of the panel.

Scheduling items

To schedule an item, you can view the unscheduled items list and drag the item to your calendar. To change the date an item is scheduled on, drag it to the new date you'd like to assign. To unschedule items, just drag them back to the unscheduled items list. You can also change the date of an item by clicking on the date in detail view, or clicking on the date cell in table view, and assigning a new one.

Changing which date field is displayed

Sometimes you may have more than one date field assigned to an item – for example, you have a draft, review and final due date, since each is important to a different team member. You can easily change which of these date fields your calendar shows. Click on the calendar button at the top right corner to open the view options. Click "Edit" next to "Calendar", then click "Date Field". In the menu, choose the date field you want displayed.

Display times in calendar view

To display the time that a certain item is scheduled, make sure that the date field is positioned close to the top of the item, then increase the item size for the calendar view, or 'zoom in' on the items. To learn more about this, read our article on item zoom.

Your calendars are now accessible even without an internet connection. Even appointments that you have synchronized via iCal are now available offline.