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The Colored Items add-on is a collection add-on for Plus members that lets you make your items stand out by coloring them using a label field of your choice.

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Items that have a label in your chosen label field will appear with that label's color everywhere in the app, including in global views such as My Favorites or My Calendar. 

Enable Colored Items

To enable the colored items add-on, click on the collection name while it's open, then on "Manage Add-Ons". Scroll to the bottom and click "Add" next to "Colored Items". 

The next window will let you select which label field should be used to color the items.

Change colors

Since the item colors are linked to the color of your chosen label field, the way you can change a particular color is by changing the color of the label itself. To do this, open an item and select the label field properties by clicking on the name of the label field. 

To change the color of a label, click on the colored circle next to it's name, then choose another color option.
Items that do not have a label applied in that label field will remain colorless (i.e. black or white, depending on your chosen Zenkit theme).

Colored Items settings

You can change which label field is used to create the item colors from the add-on's settings. Click on your collection name, then on "Manage Add-ons", then "Colored Items". There you can choose a different label field by which to color your items.


To disable it, click on "Colored Items", then "Remove Add-On from Collection" in the Add-Ons section of your collection settings.