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A workspace member will have full access to all of the collections inside the workspace. If you only want the new member to see a single collection, add them as a collection member.

To add a new member from the homepage, click on the name of the workspace, then on "Access" on the left-hand panel then click "Add Member", and then type in the username or email address.

To add a new member to a workspace from inside a collection, click on the workspace name at the top left corner of the page, then click on "Workspace Settings". Go to the Access tab and click "Add Member".

Once you click "Add Member", a new popup will appear. You can add a member by searching for their name, username or email address, or you can invite a new user by entering their email address.

Email addresses and usernames of known users will autocomplete to make it faster for you to find your colleagues and friends. Only people you already collaborate with will be included in the autocomplete list.

If someone already has a Zenkit account but doesn't collaborate with you yet, just invite them via the email address they use to log into Zenkit and they will appear as a workspace member immediately.

If Zenkit doesn't recognize the email address, you can click 'Invite Member to Zenkit' at the bottom of the window to send them an invitation.

You can make changes to the new user's name and email address suggested by Zenkit on the next page, then click "Send Invitation". 

To delete a member from your workspace, just click the small "X" icon next to their name in the Access section of your workspace settings.

Adding a Group to a workspace

Groups are a way to manage multiple members at one time. Adding groups to workspaces is only available with Business or Enterprise plans. Learn more about managing organization groups.

You can add an organizational group to a workspace by clicking on the name of the workspace on your homepage, then on "Access".

This will open the collection accesses panel, from which you can add a group by clicking "Add group" at the bottom of the menu. You will be shown a list of groups within your organization.

Click to add the group. You may add as many groups as you like. Groups that have been added to the collection will be listed as "Workspace Groups" under "Workspace Members".

Members who are part of any collection because they are part of a group that's been added to the workspace that holds the collection will appear with a small people icon next to their name in the collection member menus. They cannot be removed from the collection via the normal members menu, since they are not direct members. To remove them, the group must be removed.