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Panels are one of the best tools you can use to totally customize how your Zenkit workspaces appear. They make it very easy to quickly navigate between views, saved filters, and more.

Panels are essentially just docked menus, meaning that any time you see a menu within the Zenkit app, you can choose to dock it to the page and place it wherever you want!

The menus you can currently dock in a collection are as follows:

  • Views
  • Filters
  • Members
  • Activities

In calendar view and mind map view, you can also dock the "unscheduled" and "unconnected" menus. In the global views - My Team, My Calendar, and My Favorites - their respective menus and options can also be docked. 

Docking a menu to create a panel

To make a menu into a panel, just click on the panel icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu.
To undock a panel or change it back into a drop-down menu, click on the upward-facing arrow icon. 

Moving panels

To move a panel, click on the panel title bar to drag and drop it anywhere on the page. You can have up to 5 panels on each side.

Once you've positioned your panels, they stay that way until you change them again. This means that no matter which collection you open, or which workspace you're in, your panels stay in place.

The only time panels will change is if you're in a view that contains an extra panel, such as calendar or mind map view. 

Home page panel

You can show a notification panel on the home page, which will list out all notifications occurring in all collections across your account.