Whether you use Base, To Do, Zenchat, or Hypernotes, the steps to upgrade to a paid plan are the same. Upgrading to a paid plan enables you to collaborate with more people, access more features, and use more data, among many other things.

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How to purchase an upgrade

To purchase an upgrade inside the mobile app opens your profile settings by clicking the profile icon. Tap "Subscription" and "Show advanced plan options" to see the plan you are currently using. Tap "Upgrade now" beneath your current plan.

From here you can choose the plan you want to upgrade to as well as pay annually or monthly.

Since the providers of the app stores on mobile devices charge a service fee which is due monthly, we recommend upgrading via our website or the desktop app. Here you will only be charged with the original and lower prices for all plans.

If you are working with the desktop app, open your settings by clicking the profile icon and tapping or clicking "Subscription".

To upgrade click "Upgrade now".

Choose a plan and number of users

Select the number of members you want to pay for (Zenkit will pre-fill this field with the number of unique members detected in your account), and pick whether you want a monthly or yearly subscription. There is a small discount if you choose the yearly option. The text under the number of members selected will inform you whether the number chosen is sufficient according to your quota usage.

From this page you can also view your product usage to see how many members you would need to upgrade, and also view how close to reaching the other quotas you are. To view this, click on "Show product usage" under the user number input field.

Once you click 'Continue', you will be taken to a popup that requests your billing and payment details. Fill out your name and company information (if needed), then click "Next".

Enter your billing address

Fill in the name and email address that should be used as a billing contact if it differs from your Zenkit account name and email. This is the email address that invoices and other subscription information will be sent. 

Fill in the billing address and ensure that if your company is registered within the EU, you include your VAT number so that you will not be charged value-added tax on your subscription. According to the local laws, German users will always be charged the value-added tax (MwSt), non-EU international users will never be charged added tax.

Enter your payment details

The next page will request your payment data either as a credit card or PayPal payment. Whichever payment method you choose, it will automatically be charged for payment of your subscription on a recurring basis. All Zenkit subscriptions renew automatically after the end of each subscription period. To learn more about this, please read our Terms of Service.

Complete your order

To complete your order, review all the information you entered in the previous steps. At this stage, you have the option to edit any of the information you entered by clicking "Edit". 

Coupon codes

If you have received a discount code from one of our team, you can enter it on the last page of the upgrade process. Click "Apply Coupon" to open the coupon field.

Once you've entered the coupon, the price shown in the buttons at the top and bottom of the screen will update to the new, discounted price.

The final price takes into account the tax rate for your region. If you're a company in the EU and tax has been applied, please ensure that you entered your VAT number correctly in the billing address stage. You can view the amount of tax applied by clicking the white button at the top. 

To finalize the upgrade, you need to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click "Pay & subscribe". Your subscription will immediately be active on your account.

How we calculate your upgrade

We calculate upgrades and payments within your account based on the "containing resources" you own. In Base, the containing resource is a workspace. In To Do, folders. In Hypernotes, notebooks, and in Zenchat, chats.

Therefore, when you upgrade a product, you upgrade the resources you own in that product, not your whole Zenkit account (which may have multiple products), and not the accounts or products of others you collaborate with.

Anyone who has access to the resources you own (e.g. is a member of a folder, list, collection, or notebook) has access to upgraded features and increased quotas in those resources only. Purchasing a subscription for one Zenkit product does not give the subscription to accounts of other users: resources they own will not be upgraded.

You are automatically the owner of any resource you create, however, you can easily transfer ownership of a resource to other users, should you need to. You can learn how to do this here: Base, To Do.

The quotas assigned to your subscription (free or paid) are also calculated from the amount used in the resources that you own (this applies to e.g. the amount of data you've stored as attached files; the number of collections, folders, notebooks; the number of members you've added, etc). You can find a full breakdown of the account quotas and limits for all subscription types on the pricing page of each different product, or in the "Product Usage" section shown earlier.

You can learn more about resources and quotas in our Terms of Service.