To see how your product is currently being used, go to the "Subscription" section of your product settings (Profile icon > Settings > Subscription). Your quotas will be displayed in the "Account Usage" section. If you're using the free plan, you can access this area by clicking on "Upgrade" in your profile menu, then on "Show Usage".

All the quota numbers will be shown in green. If anything is red, it means you've gone over your allowed quota and you will need to upgrade or increase your plan.

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Managing users

To remove a user from all resources they are a member of, click on "Members" in the account usage. To remove a member, click on "Remove" next to their name.

If the user in question is the owner of a resource (list, collection, etc) in any of your containing resources (workspace, folder, etc), they cannot be removed in this way. They will first need to transfer ownership of their resources to you or another person in your team.