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Zenkit Projects allows you to divide your projects into folders. This way you can get a better overview. You can add team members to a folder so that they have access to all projects.

You can create a folder either by clicking on the "+" icon when the side panel is closed and then clicking on "Create folder" or by tapping or clicking directly on "Create folder" when the side panel is open.

A window will open where you can name your new folder and add members. Don't worry, the settings can still be changed afterward. Once you have given your folder a name and added the members you want, click "Create".

Your new folder can now be found in the side panel. You can also insert a new project directly into a folder. To do so, hover over the folder name and type or click the "+" symbol that appears to the right of it. 

A field will appear where you can name your new project and add members.

Both the name of your folder and the members can be changed later. To do so, click on the "..." icon that appears when you hover over the name.

In the folder settings, you can change the name next to the pen below the folder icon. In the "Descriptions" field you can add a description. A folder can also be exported as a JSON file. 

To add or remove more members, click "Access". You can add members or groups but also transfer ownership of the folder. This can be especially helpful if you delegate projects and tasks to team members.

If you have already archived projects, you can find them in the "Archived Projects" section. From here you can restore them or delete them permanently. You can delete a folder by clicking on "Delete folder" in the "Settings" section. You will be asked if you really want to delete the folder. Confirm this question with "Delete" to remove the folder permanently.

Please note that deleting folders is final and cannot be undone. If you delete a folder, the tasks, and projects contained in it will also be permanently deleted.