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When you add a member to a project, he or she can work within that project. This works even if the project is part of a folder to which the member is not assigned.

Managing project members from the home page

The fastest way to manage the members of a project is from the home page. Click the "..." icon that appears when you hover the mouse over the title of your project to open the project settings. Then click "Access".

In the following dialog box, you can add new members, transfer ownership of the project and add entire groups to your project.

Adding a member from the project settings

You can quickly add a new member to your project using the member's menu. Click on "Add Member" in the top left corner of your opened project.

Next, you can enter your folder member's username or email address as usual.

Removing members from the project

To remove a member from your project, click the "x" icon that appears next to their name in the Members menu or the "Access" section of the project settings.

Adding a group to a project

Groups are a way to manage multiple members at once. 

To add an organization group to a project, click the member icon in the upper left corner of the project then click "Manage Accesses".

This opens your project's "Access" window where you can add a group to your project. This is done by clicking on "Add Group" at the bottom of the menu. A list of groups in your organization will be displayed. Click on the group you would like to add.  You can add as many groups as you like. Groups added to the project will be listed under "Project Members" as "Project Groups".

Members who are part of the project because they are part of a group that has been added to the project cannot be removed from the project using the normal member menu, as this requires the group to be removed completely. 

Assigning Tasks

To assign a task to another user, tap or click on the task to open it. Then click the "Assigned to" field and select a member of your project. If you are working with multiple users on a project, you can use the search bar at the top to find the person you are looking for.

If you are not already working with the person, you can add them to the project by clicking "Add Member to Project".