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Smart Views can be applied globally, so you can get an overview of all your projects and manage their tasks even better with just one click. Zenkit Projects offers you a variety of Smart Views from which you can choose the most suitable for your project and tasks.

Creating a Smart View

Smart Views are created the same way as new projects or folders. Click the "+" icon in the closed side panel and then click "Create Smart View" or click "Create Smart View" directly in the open panel.

A window with the full selection of Smart Views will open. Select the smart view you want to create and click "Create".

All your Smart Views are visible in the opened side panel on the top left below the search bar. You can expand and collapse the views with the small arrow icon on the right edge. 

To add a description to your Smart Views or to delete them, click on the "..." icon that appears when you hover over the Smart View you want to edit.

You can change the name of your Smart View by clicking in the "Name" field and entering your desired name. Especially when working in large teams, it is helpful to add a description to different lists, you can do that by clicking on the "Description" field and start typing. To delete a Smart View, click on the red "Delete" field.