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The global task list allows you to view all your tasks bundled in one list across projects. Keep track of all your tasks and create a better schedule for the completion and implementation of your tasks. To create a global task list, click on "Create Smart View and select "Global Task List".

After creating your global task list, it can be found in the side panel on the left side under "Smart Views". 

Tasks can be created directly from the global task list by clicking on the "Add Task..." field and entering the title of your new task. The task will be automatically assigned to a project. To select which project the new task should be assigned to, click on the project below the writing field to select another project from your folders.

When creating a global task list, the tasks are automatically grouped by project. Click on the four parallel lines to edit the grouping. You can choose between Project, Stage, Assigned to, and Tags.

By clicking on the sort icon you can edit how your tasks are sorted. If you have not chosen a specific sorting yourself, you can drag and drop to create your own. You can also sort by title, stage, assigned to, date, attachments, tags, subitems, and dependencies. The sorting takes place within the groupings.

In the global task list, the number of tasks grows rapidly, so it can be difficult to search for a specific task. For this purpose, there is a filter function. Either use the text field to search for the title of a specific task or filter your tasks by various conditions.

When filtering by at least two conditions, you can choose between "and" and "or". With "and" all your selected conditions must apply to the filter results, while with "or" at least one condition always applies to the filtered tasks.

Click the "..." icon at the right edge of the global task list to adjust the task size and the position of the image