When working in a team it can come in handy to have multiple people creating the form together. To add another member to your form click the member icon on the left side above the form. 

Click "Add Member" and select whoever you want to add to your form. If the person you want to add is not displayed beneath the search bar, type in their email address or name to find them. In case they don't have a Zenkit account yet, you can invite them to create a new account by clicking "Invite Member to Zenkit". 

Manage Access

Another way to add new members but also to manage their access is to open the collection settings. Within the section "Access" you will see all your members and what their user roles are. There are seven different user roles that you can use for your members.

The Collection Writer can only create entries but not edit, archive or delete them. 

The Collection Guest is not entitled to comment or edit.

The Collection Commenter can comment on items.

The Collection Editor can edit items but not edit fields.

The Collection Member can edit fields as well as manage members.

The Collection Owner has all the rights and can configure the collection.

By choosing "None" as a user role the role that the member has within the workspace will also be used for the collection.