Especially when wanting to import contents into an existing collection, the CSV import can become very helpful. CSV describes the structure of a text file in which data is saved and structured. In addition to being able to import directly from other sources such as Asana, Wunderlist or Trello, while creating a new collection, CSV files can be imported into existing collections at any point. 

To start the import, simply open the desired collection and click on its name in the top left corner. This will open the collection settings. 

After that, scroll to the "Actions" section of the settings and click on "Import CSV". Here you will find many different actions for your collections listed. Click here, to learn more about how to export your collections for example.

You will now have the option to upload a CSV file, choose a delimiter and manage the field matching. 

Zenkit will also automatically detect which delimiter has been used to separate columns. If you want to define it yourself, just choose the delimiter from the dropdown menu.

Make sure that the fields from your collection match the corresponding ones from the CSV file. In case a field does not exist yet, simply click on "Add Custom Field" to add a new one.

At the very bottom of this window, you will see a preview of the items that are being imported with your CSV file. Here you can make sure, everything is being imported correctly

After having made sure every item will be created the correct way, you can import the file by clicking "Import" in the top right corner.