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If you want to learn more about using Zenkit, then you're in the right place! Zenkit is the easiest way to work on your projects and collaborate with your team.

Now you've learned the basic building blocks, here you'll learn how to quickly start using Zenkit Base to get things done!

Create your first Collection

When you open Zenkit the first time, you'll see something called 'Mars Expedition' on your home page. This is an example project collection we've created to give you an idea about how to use Zenkit collections.

To create your first collection, click on the + button you see next to 'Mars Expedition'. You can then choose to create a collection from scratch in one of the Zenkit views, import data from a CSV or your Trello, Asana, or Wunderlist account, or download one of our templates. Once you've picked how to start, give your collection a name and click "Create".


Once created, your new collection will appear on the homepage. Click on it to open it!

If you are working with a mobile device, you will find a circle "+" symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it to create a new collection.

Select "New Collection" from the next menu.

Add some fields

Now that you've made your first collection, you need to add some fields to it. "What are fields?", you might ask. Well, they're just the things you want to track in the collection you made. Like columns in a spreadsheet.

If you're planning a project, your fields might be task name, progress, priority, and time estimate. If you're storing customer information, they might be 'first name, last name, email address, telephone number'. If you're tracking bugs, they could be 'bug description, severity, affected feature, affected user, and assigned member'.

You can add a new field to a collection by clicking the "+" icon at the bottom of any item, then "Custom field", or by adding a new column in table view. There are currently 11 types of fields to choose from.

Add your first Item

Now you've got your collection and your fields all set up, it's time to add your first item! This is super easy to do in any view. For now, just click the "Add item" or "+" button, wherever it may appear in the view you're in. To dig a bit deeper into how to add items, go here.

Type in the name of the item, and away you go!

In the mobile version, you can find a "+" in each column of your newly created Collection. Click on it to add your first item. 

After the click, a row and your keyboard will appear, with which you can enter the title of your first item.