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Notifications in Zenkit To Do are quite flexible, so you may be getting (or not getting) notifications in the manner you're used to. Here's a quick rundown on what kind of notifications are available and how to get them.

Notification types

By default, you will always receive a notification when you're added to a list or folder, or assigned to a task (general notifications). You will also receive a notification for any reminder you've set, and if someone @mentions you in a comment.

Subscribe to lists

Unlike other task apps like Wunderlist, Zenkit To Do lets you choose whether you want to receive notifications about your lists or not. For some notifications, e.g. comments that don't directly @mention you, or list activities like "Task completed" or "Due date changed" you need to subscribe to your lists. To subscribe to a list, tap or click on the list name and toggle "Subscribe" on. 

You will be subscribed by default to tasks you are assigned to, however you can toggle this default off in the notification settings.

If you need more detailed information, check out our article on notification types.