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If you've been tracking your projects and tasks in Asana and want to move them over to To Do, you can use our simple importer to get everything into your account in a snap. At this time, the Asana import is only available through our web app.

How to import from Asana

  1. Tap or click on "Import from other apps" at the bottom of the navigation panel in Zenkit To Do
  2. Choose "Asana Import"
  3. Log into your Asana account and give Zenkit permission to access your account.
  4. Choose the project you want to import and tap or click "Import".
  5. Repeat to import other projects.

Matching Users

Asana is able to give the names of the people in your projects, however due to data privacy laws, they're unable to share the email addresses of those people. This means that when you see the name of another person in your imported lists, it's a "Dummy User" created by Zenkit To Do to act as a placeholder.

To swap a dummy user with a real user, please do the following:

  1. Open the imported list and tap or click on the list name
  2. Go to "Access"
  3. Tap or click on "Invite or Match" next to the name of the dummy user. On your desktop this button will only appear on hover.
    • To add an existing user: The search bar will automatically add the name of the dummy user and look for a Zenkit user you already collaborate with. If they don't pop up, it may be because they use a different name in To Do (E.g. Alex vs Alexander). Try typing a different name, or type in the email address they use to log in to Zenkit To Do.
    • To add a new user: Tap or click "Invite [name] to Zenkit" at the bottom of the dialog or screen. Type in the new member's name and email address and click "Send Invitation".

Troubleshooting: You may get an error when inviting a new member that states "This email is already in use". This means that this person has already registered for a Zenkit To Do account. If you don't already collaborate with them, add them as a member to your list as usual, then follow the steps above to match them to the dummy user.