Applicable plans
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  • Plus
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Choose from a wide variety of theme options to create the space you want to work in. Themes in Zenkit To Do are account-wide, meaning that all lists will have the same theme and background. If you have a Plus subscription or higher, you can also set themes for your different lists.

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There are several backgrounds to choose from, and if you have a Plus subscription or higher, you will be able to upload your own backgrounds.

Dark Mode

If you toggle "Dark Mode" to the "On" position (toggle shows green), tasks, menu items, and other options will appear in black. The selection of backgrounds will change to better suit the darker theme.


If you toggle "Transparent" on, list names, menus, and tasks will become slightly transparent to show the background. 

Custom Backgrounds

Custom backgrounds are available to Plus subscriptions and higher. To upload you own background, scroll down the themes settings until you reach "Personal". On your phone, tap the + button to take a photo or choose one from your library. If you're on a desktop, click the + button to drag and drop an image or browse for one in your file system.