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Your list archive contains all the tasks that you have ever archived from the list. Tap on an archived to open it and view task details or access task actions via the "..." icon in the top right hand corner. From the task actions you can restore or permanently delete the task.

Using the archive filter

To search for a particular task, you can use the filter (shown as a funnel icon with the number of archived tasks in the top right of the archive). When it first opens, you can search by task title, or tap or click "Add Condition" to filter for tasks by due date, note content, assigned to, created by, and much more! Once you've set up your conditions, tap or click "Done" to view the list of tasks that match the filter.

Saved filters

If you frequently need to view archived tasks that match particular criteria, you can save your filter by clicking "Save as" once you've set up all the conditions you need. Give your filter a name, and then use the "Public" toggle to choose whether to show that filter to other members of the list or not. It will be green when sharing is on.

You can access your saved archive filters from the "Saved" tab of the archive filter.

Restoring or deleting tasks in bulk

You have the option to permanently delete or restore all the tasks in your archive. If you have a filter applied, the action will affect only the tasks that match the filter. 

To restore all the tasks, tap or click "Restore X tasks" at the bottom of the Archive. To delete them, tap or click "Delete X Tasks".

Please note that deleting a task is permanent and you will not be able to recover it once it's been deleted.