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The Email to List add-on lets you email tasks to any list that has the add-on enabled. Each list has it's own unique email address, and you can even create email addresses that automatically assign the tasks! Let's get started...

Enable the Email to List add-on

Just like other list add-ons, to enable email to list, you need to open the list settings, then go to "Manage Add-ons". Tap or click on "Add" next to "Email to List".

You will find the list's unique email address at the top of the page. Your username at the front of the email address means that you will be attributed as the person who created the task when you send to that email address.


Position refers to where the item will appear in your list when added via email to list - at the top or bottom.

Assigning a member via email

To assign another member to the task via email, you need to add their username to the email address. At the top of the email to list settings, tap or click where it says "Show more examples" to see a list of the email addresses to assign tasks to any of the users in the list.

The rule is that the first user name is the user that creates the task. The second username is the person who will be assigned to the task.

If you've not got anyone else collaborating in the list, then of course this won't work so well. Add some other people to your list to start assigning tasks to them!

Generating a new email address

You may find that you need to create a new email address for the list, for example, if someone has gotten hold of the address, and is sending prank emails to your list ;)

To do so, tap or click on "Generate new email address" under the main list email.

Please note that doing this will invalidate the current email address, and all member-specific email addresses. Emails sent to the old addresses will no longer create tasks in the list. If you need to change the email address, please notify anyone else collaborating in your list who may be using this function so they can update their address books.

Best practices

This is a pretty simple one - save the email addresses in your email contacts!

We like the format "List Name, User Name" to save "assign to" email addresses, since you won't accidentally email a real person instead of your list. And remember, if you generate a new email address for the list, you need to update your contacts!

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