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Need to move tasks on to another department? Have a separate collection to track past projects? You can easily move multiple items to other collections with the bulk move feature. 

First, select the items you want to move by holding Alt and clicking on each item you want to move, by using the checkboxes or clicking and dragging your mouse in table view, or using the Ctrl/Cmd+A shortcut. 

Next, click on where it shows the number of items selected.


Click "Move items to collection", then choose the collection you'd like to copy them to. Make sure to map the fields correctly by choosing which field should copy to which in the new collection.

To change the field map, just click on the name of the field you'd like to switch, then choose another field, or "None".

Future moves to that same collection will ask only for confirmation - the map you set in the previous move will remain the same. You can view the map by clicking "Show Map".

Changing the field mapping

You can change the field mapping any time you want by initiating a move or copy, and then clicking on "Show Map".

From there you can pick the fields you want to map to, then click "Move Task" or "Copy Task". The new fields you've picked will then be saved and used the next time you move or copy an item.