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As the owner of an organization, you may need to add someone to your organization who's already created a Zenkit account. To add this person to your organization, you need to acquire them.

Acquiring a user

First, the organization owner must collaborate with the user somewhere in your account by adding them to a Collection or Workspace.

Next, go to the "Subscription" section inside your settings and click "Members" to open the list of all members. 

When the confirmation dialog pops up, click "Acquire" to send an invitation email to the user.

The user must then click the link in the email to confirm the acquisition. You may send this invitation multiple times, simply by clicking the "Acquire" button again.

Once the user has confirmed the acquisition. they will appear in the "Users" list in your Organization settings as an activated user.


If the user you're trying to acquire has upgraded their account to a paid plan, you will be unable to acquire them - you will see an error when clicking the 'Acquire' button next to their name.

The user needs to cancel their subscription. After the subscription period is over, you will be able to acquire them. If the subscription period lasts for some time and you'd like to acquire them sooner, please ask them to cancel the subscription then send an email to to ask for the subscription to be ended immediately.

If your company has been using Zenkit for a while and you only recently upgraded to an Organization, there may be too many existing users to make manual acquisition using this method possible or viable. If this is the case, please contact our sales team to request that Zenkit force the acquisition of your users. Please either provide a list of the email addresses of people in your company using Zenkit or ensure that they log in to Zenkit with an email on the same domain as your company, otherwise we will not be able to capture all existing users.

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