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If you have an existing Zenkit account, but someone would like you to join their organization, they need to 'acquire' your account. An example of this would be if your company has been working with Zenkit and has decided to transition to managing all user access via a single admin account.

When an organization acquires your account, your resources, such as workspaces and all of the collections within them, become part of the organization. The organization owner and admins then have the ability to see your workspace and collection names, but not their content, and also manage your account (i.e. they can change your login preferences and even delete your account).

Joining an organization

When an organization requests to acquire your account, you will receive an invitation email stating the name of the organization owner, the organization name, and containing a link to confirm that you will join the organization.

Click the button in the email to begin the confirmation process. The link will lead you to a confirmation dialog in your browser. If you're not already logged in to Zenkit, log in now.

Type 'transfer my account' in the text field, then click 'Confirm Acquisition'.

Lastly, click 'OK' to complete the transfer.

Moving private resources to a private account

If you currently manage work and private data in your account and would like your private information not to be acquired by the organization, the best thing to do is to create a separate private account.

The easiest way to do this is to create a separate private account, and then create a workspace/folder or two for private collections/lists. Move all non-work-related collections/lists into the new workspaces/folders. Invite your new private account as a workspace/folder member, then transfer ownership of the workspace/folder to your private account.

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