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Add-ons are a way to enable extra features in your Zenkit profile that add a new level of functionality to your experience. They may work for your entire account, or you may enable them only for one collection.

We have created add-ons in order to keep Zenkit as clutter-free as possible! If you don't need a feature, then you simply don't enable the add-on! You'll see that add-ons will evolve as Zenkit does. Some standard features may appear here, whereas others will remain standard across all accounts. 

Global add-ons vs collection add-ons

A global add-on is activated for your entire account. Examples of global add-ons are recent collections and My Calendar. You can activate global add-ons from your Zenkit profile.

A collection add-on is activated per-collection in the collection settings. These include add-ons like the task list, calendar sync, and collection themes add-on. You can activate collection add-ons from the collection properties - click on the name of the collection and then the "add-ons tab".