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My Favorites are an excellent way to keep track of your most important items and tasks. With favorites, you can tag any item from any collection as a favorite, and it will be displayed in your Favorites - a global view of tagged items. My Favorites are a private overview of all of your items. Nobody else will be able to see which items you mark as favorite.

Enabling My Favorites

Since this is a global add-on, you can enable Favorites from your app settings, under the add-ons tab.

Click "Add", then choose whether you want to use a single favorites tag or multiple tags, before you click "Enable"

Single tag v.s. multiple tags

The simple mode creates only one favorites tag, called "Favorites" (surprise!). When you enable multiple tags, it allows you to create multiple tags to display on the favorites view. To enable it, check the box next to "Use multiple tags" in the My Favorites add-on settings. 

You can then create multiple tags and choose the color they display as in the Favorites view. Once you're done creating, click 'Save'.

Marking items as favorites

When you enable favorites, you'll see that "Add to Favorites" gets added to the vertical "..." icon of all items, and that a star icon will also show in the top right hand corner of the open items in any view. 

To tag an item as a favorite, just click the star! Simple as that. If you have enabled extended mode, you need to choose which Favorite tag to apply to the item. You can apply multiple tags if you want. 

Viewing My Favorites

To access your favorites, click on "My Favorites" in the navigation panel, or go directly to If you've not marked anything as a favorite, you'll see an empty page with a single text bar. To add a new item to a collection and mark it as a favorite, just type in the item and select a collection you'd like to add it to from the drop down menu. 

In the My Favorites view, items are listed and grouped by collection. You can see all of the information about each item displayed on the item, and you can open and work on any item by clicking on it. 

If you have enabled multiple tags, the different tags you set up can be found in the filter on My Favorites view. To view all tagged items, click "All". To view only items tagged with a particular tag, click on that tag's name. 

Alternately, you can also click on the favorites title at the top of the page and select a tag from there. 

To go directly to a particular tag in the favorites, you can click on the little arrow marking Like in all other Zenkit views, you can 'zoom in' on items to show less or more information and choose the position that images are displayed in. You can access these options by clicking the "..." in the top right corner.

Adding new favorites tags

You can access the settings for the favorites add-on from the "Add-ons" tab in your profile settings, by clicking on "Favorites" at the top of the page in favorites view, or from the selection menu when you have multiple tags enabled. You can add new tags from the favorites settings, or from the selection menu. 

Docking the favorites panel

If you'd like to dock the favorites options as a panel, click on the panel icon in the top left hand corner of the favorites filter menu. 

You can then quickly switch between different favorites lists with a single click. Learn more about using panels.