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When you activate the calendar sync add-on for a collection, you can sync your Zenkit collection with an external calendar. This is a two-way synchronization, meaning that once the calendar is connected, any changes that you make in Zenkit or in your calendar will be reflected in both apps! This includes creating new items/calendar entries, and deleting them.

At the moment this is only possible with Google Calendar, but we're working on adding more!

Enabling calendar sync on an existing collection

To enable calendar synchronization, open the collection properties by clicking on the collection name while the collection is open, then "Manage Add-Ons". 

Click on "Add" next to "Calendar Synchronization".

Select the calendar service you'd like to connect with from the list, then click "Next". 

Authorize calendar sync

You will be asked to authorize the connection with your chosen calendar service. Choose the Google account you want to connect, then click "Allow" to the request that Zenkit manage your calendars. 

Choosing a Google Calendar

After you've connected to your calendar app, choose the calendar you'd like to sync your collection with. With Google Calendar you also choose to create a new calendar with the same name as your collection. It is not possible to connect two different collections to a single Google Calendar.

When you connect to an existing Google Calendar, the 2-way sync will cause events from that calendar to be imported into Zenkit, too. You can select whether all events should be imported, only events from the beginning of the year, or only events from today onward. You can then select which fields will sync with your calendar. If you have multiple date or text fields, these will be shown in the dropdown menus. Once you're satisfied with the setup, click "Connect".

Disabling calendar sync

To disable calendar sync, go to the "Manage Add-Ons" tab of your collection properties and click "Calendar Sync", then "Remove Add-On from Collection". Please note that disabling the sync will not remove the calendar or events you created in Google Calendar. If you would like to remove the Google Calendar, you will have to do it in the Google Calendar app. 

Calendar sync settings

To access the settings of your sync, click on the small calendar sync icon next to your collection name, or go to the "Manage Add-Ons" tab of your collection properties and click "Calendar Sync".
 You will be able to see which Google Calendar you are connected to, who authorized the connection, and which fields are in sync. 

Things to note

  • Only one Google Calendar may connect to a collection at any time. If you will be collaborating with anyone else, please share both the Zenkit collection and the Google Calendar separately.
  • Only tasks that have an entry in the chosen date field (e.g. due date) will sync. If you have a second date field, items with only an entry in that date field will not appear in your Google Calendar.
  • Archiving and restoring of items in Zenkit will be reflected in Google Calendar.
  • Sync from Zenkit to Google should occur instantly, although you may need to wait a few minutes for Google Calendar to Zenkit sync.
  • Recurring tasks are only supported from Zenkit > Google Calendar, but not the other way around.
  • Outlook and Apple Calendars are currently not supported, except via our one-way iCalendar subscription. Development for these services is on our roadmap. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Your calendars are now accessible even without an internet connection. Even appointments that you have synchronized via iCal are now available offline.