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When you add a member to a collection, they will be able to work inside that collection, even if you add them to a collection inside a workspace they're not a member of.

Manage collection members from the home page

The quickest way to access collection member controls is from the home page. Click on the vertical "..." icon that appears when you hover over the collection tile, then on "Access".In the dialog box that opens up, you can add new members, transfer ownership of the collection, and choose whether the collection should be visible to workspace members.  

Add a member from collection properties

First, open the collection then click on the collection name, then on "Access" on the left.

You can search for an existing Zenkit user using their name, username, or email address, or invite a new user using their email address. Just as it does when adding a workspace member, Zenkit will autocomplete the search using Zenkit users you already collaborate with.

To remove a member from a collection, just click the small "X" icon next to their name. 

Add a member from the member menu

You can quickly add a new member to the collection from the members menu. Click on "Members" icon in the top left-hand corner, then click the add member icon.

Then you can enter your workspace member's username or email address as usual. 

Remove collection members

To remove a collection member, click on the X icon that appears next to their name in the member menu or from the member section of the collection settings.  

Remove workspace access

To make a collection visible only to users who are direct collection members, you can turn the "Workspace Access" toggle off.


Dock the members menu

To dock the members menu as a members panel, click on the panel icon in the top right hand corner of the menu.

To undock it, use the upward pointing arrow icon.
Learn more about using panels

Adding a Group to a collection

Groups are a way to manage multiple members at once. Adding groups is only available with Business or Enterprise plans. Learn more about managing organization groups.

You can add an organizational group to a collection by clicking on the member icon in the top left hand corner of the collection, then on "Manage Accesses".
This will open the collection accesses panel, from which you can add a group by clicking "Add group" at the bottom of the menu. You will be shown a list of groups within your organization. Click to add the group. You may add as many groups as you like. Groups that have been added to the collection will be listed as "Collection Groups' under "Collection Members".

Members who are part of the collection because they are part of a group that's been added to the collection will appear with a small people icon next to their name. They cannot be removed from the collection via the normal members menu, since the group must be removed.

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