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PomoDoneApp is a Pomodoro timer that you can use to time how long you spend on your Zenkit tasks. To set it up, you’ll need an account for PomoDone. You can sign up at

Click on "My Account" in the top right-hand corner of PomoDone’s homepage, then find Zenkit in the list of integrations shown on the next page.

You’ll be asked to insert the API token for your Zenkit Profile.

You can find the API key by clicking on their avatar in Zenkit Base.Go to your profile settings and then click "Integrations".

Click "Connect". Now you can browse your Zenkit Collections from the "Projects". Select your collection and click on "Add to PomoDoneApp"

Your Zenkit collection will appear in the menu of the page. You can remove or categorize the collection as private or work-related. You can add as many Zenkit collections as you like to this list.


Once you're done adding collections, open the PomoDoneApp on your desktop or in your browser. You'll see the tasks of your chosen collection listed out in the app.


Click the timer on one of the tasks to get started!


Note: PomoDoneApp is available with a free trial, after which it costs $2 or more per month.