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Importing a Kanban board from Trello is very simple. First, you need to connect your Trello account to Zenkit. If you haven't already done this from your profile page, you can do it directly from the create new collection pop up - just follow the same steps.

Once your Trello account is connected, create a new collection and click "Import". (Here's where you can find a breakdown of where and how to add a new collection).

Click on "Trello". You'll see a new popup, that will first ask you to log into your account. After that you'll see a list of all the boards you have in Trello, separated by teams.

Choose the one you want to import, then click "Import".

Your Trello board will appear as a collection - it might take a little time to load (shown with a loading icon on the collection tile) but you'll see when it's done.

Dummy accounts

When you import a Trello board, the users that collaborated on the board are also imported in the form of dummy accounts - one for each user, including yourself. This is because user email addresses are not shared by Trello so we cannot match them to Zenkit users.

You'll see dummy accounts in the members' section of the collection. In this example there are two "Sarahs", but only the first is the true account.

Your real account will be at the top of the list, followed by the dummy accounts. You can tell which account isn't real by hovering over the avatar/initials - it will display the Trello username, usually with a number behind it.

Converting dummy users to real users

If your Trello board has lots of tasks assigned to different users, you may want to assign them to the real users already in your Zenkit workspace.

To re-assign tasks from dummy accounts to real Zenkit accounts, click on the collection name while it's open, then on "Access".

Click on "Invite or match" next to the dummy user's name to load a list of users you already collaborate with, or enter the full email address of someone you'd like to invite to the collection.