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The big star of Zenkit's bulk action feature is the "Replace" option. This lets you search for and replace specific text, numbers, labels, references or members of selected items, and replace them with a new one.

To use find and replace, select one or more items that you'd like to change. Click where it says "x selected" in the top right hand corner.

From the drop down menu, select "Bulk action".

Select "Replace" from the dropdown menu and start replacing values!

Note: if you choose to replace multiple field values, only items with both or all of those values will be changed.

For example, you select a few tasks that are moving on to another department. You choose to replace members - all tasks that were assigned to Asmo and Bob should now be assigned to Sarah.

Only the tasks that have both Asmo and Bob assigned to them will be changed to Sarah. Tasks with only Asmo or Bob will not be changed.

Learn more about bulk actions.