Zenchat is a chat app with built-in task management functions to enable holistic collaboration in teams. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it simply means that chat and tasks now work together seamlessly in one app. You can create tasks directly in your chat with anyone, even in group chats. Once a task is created, you can even chat about that task!

The magic of Zenchat

The magic of combining chat and tasks is simple:

  • When you chat about a task, all that chat remains attached to the task as comments, so all the valuable information remains attached to the task.
  • A lot of conversations revolve around tasks, appointments, reminders... now you don't have to worry about transferring that info into a project management or calendar app. Simply create a task from a message and voila! It's documented.
  • Having access to the list of tasks in a chat means no more scrolling to find the information you need. It's all saved right where it needs to be.
  • Stay in your flow while working - with Zenchat, you'll never have to switch between chat and your task manager again!


Zenchat is structured around 4 main types of chats:

Each of these chats serves a different purpose and enables you to easily keep work-related and private conversations separate. Click through the links above to learn more.

Zenkit Suite

If you want, Zenchat can be connected with any other Zenkit product so that you have access to a whole world of productivity-boosting, project management solutions.

Learn to connect Zenchat with other products, and learn more about Zenkit Suite.


Zenchat pricing is based on a quota system related to the number of chats you can create, the number of people in those chats, how many Zenkit products you can connect with Zenchat, and more. You can learn more about this in detail on our pricing page.