To open a task, click on the task in the message it was sent in, or find it via the task list. Initially, you'll see the task shown in a condensed view, with just the title and the task comments shown. 

To view all the fields available on the chat, click or tap "Show details" to expand the task.

Task Fields

Each task has a set number of fields shown on it which enable you to add a ton of information such as who the task is assigned to, when it's due, additional notes, and more. 

Due Date

To add a due date to the tasks, click on "Due Date". A small modal will open showing a date picker. 

Today's date will be marked in light blue, and the chosen date in dark blue. Use the arrows at the top to toggle between months, or click on the name of the month to open a month picker (when in the month picker mode, you can also click on the year to open a year picker - if your task is due years in advance!).

Alternatively, you can type the date into the field at the top of the date picker to set the date. If you don't want any due date on the task, tap or click "Clear date". Once you're happy, click "Done".


You can add a reminder to your task by clicking or tapping on "Reminder". This will open another modal where you can set the reminder time and date.

Pick the date to be reminded as you would for the due date. To change the time you can use the arrows to move the hours and minutes up or down, type the time, or even click on the hour or minute field to choose.

Click or tap "Done" to set the reminder. If you want to remove the reminder open the reminder settings again and then tap or click "Delete reminder".

Please note that this reminder is a personal reminder, meaning that it will remind only the person who set the reminder, not anyone else in the chat nor anyone assigned to the task. This field will appear empty to all other people and they may set a reminder themselves if they so wish.


You also have the option to create a recurring task by using a repeater. To add a repeater to a task, click or tap "Repeater". In the repeater settings, you can choose when, where, and how often a task repeats.

Repeat every refers to how often an item should repeat. You can select an interval from the drop down menu - days, weeks, months, or years. You can also choose how often the interval should occur. Add a value in the box to the left of the menu to alter the interval. E.g. every 3 weeks.

Repeat on lets you choose the day on which an item should repeat. If you choose to repeat each week, you'll be able to choose one or more days to repeat on. To select a day, just click on it. To deselect it, click again.

If you choose a monthly repeater, you can choose either the date on which the item should repeat, or the first or last of a particular weekday.

Ends refers to when the repeater should stop. You can choose for it to repeat indefinitely with 'Never', on a particular date, or after a particular number of occurrences.

When you're done selecting your options, click "Create".

Please note that a repeater will copy the task it is added to, including all the values in the fields. If you want the new version of the task to be empty, then create the repeater before adding any other details. If you want the same person to be assigned to all of the following tasks, for example, make sure that person has been added before you add the repeater.

Assigned To

Use the Assigned To field to add a member responsible for the task. You can add one or more members. To add a member, tap or click "Assigned To", then on the name of the person. If your chat contains a lot of users, you can use the search to find the right member.


To add subtasks to a task, simply tap or click "Add Item...", type out the name of your subtask, then hit enter to create the subtask (or tap/click on "Add").


You can add files of any type to your tasks via the attachments field. To add a file, tap or click on "Attachments" and then select a source to add the file from. 

You can upload a file manually from your device by browsing for it or dragging and dropping it. You can also use a URL to link to a hosted file, or connect Zenchat to your Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive account to attach files from those services. If you choose to attach a file from a third party service, you will need to log in and grant Zenkit access to retrieve the files.

Viewing task details

Once you've added all the various information to your task, that information will be visible on the task within the chat, and also in the condensed  view of the task.

Chatting about a task

You can start a chat about a task (a topic chat) by opening the task then typing in the "Add a message" field at the bottom of the task.