To view the settings in a chat, open the chat and tap or click on the chat name. Alternatively, you can right-click on the chat name from the navigation menu. If you're on mobile, swipe left on the chat & click the "..." icon to open the settings.

Depending on the type of chat, you may see more or fewer options. 1:1 and topic chats show fewer options, whereas group and project chats show all.


You can change the name of a group or project chat at any time by clicking in the "Name" field and typing something new.


Here you can manage all the members with access to the group or project chat. 

Add Member You can add a member to the group or project chat by clicking or tapping "Add Member".  You can add someone you already work with by searching for them, tapping or clicking their name, or invite someone new to Zenkit.

Add group If you are part of an organization (available only in the Business plan or higher), then you may have the opportunity to add a group of users to the chat.

Transfer Ownership If you currently "own" the group chat or the project in another product, then you may also transfer ownership of the chat or project to another member of the chat. Tap or click "Transfer Ownership" then choose someone from the list of members.


This section shows the tasks you have in the chat, and gives you the option to hide or show the task feature, and open it in other Zenkit products. You can also search for tasks, hide or show tasks marked as done, and add new tasks via the "Add Topic..." button. You can learn more about managing tasks in Zenchat here.


The files section shows all the files shared in the chat. You can tap/click to open and view the files in full size, or download or share the file link. Please note that this will only display files shared in the chat directly. If you would like to view files shared in tasks from within the chat, please view the tasks themselves.


Unlike 1:1 and topic chats, with group and project chats you have the opportunity to customize the chat a little so that it stands out more easily in your navigation panel. To access the customization settings, go to the "Customize" section of the chat settings (this is shown only in group and project chats).

You can pick one of the icons shown in the list of option, or if you have a paid plan you'll be able to tap or click on "More" to search through a list of thousands of icons to suit your needs. Tap or click the icon color and background color options to choose from a range of colors.

The chat will appear with that icon and color in the navigation panel and easily stand out from your other chats!

If you want to personalize it even further, you can choose to upload an image instead. To do so, tap or click "Image", then drag and drop a picture or browse for one on your device.

This is a very simple search that will look for a word or phrase in the chat, then show you all messages related to that search term. For now, you're not able to navigate to the location of the search result of your choice within the chat, just view the messages in the search results.

Zenkit Suite

This section is shown only in chats where tasks are enabled and you have opted to connect it to another Zenkit product such as Base or To Do. This can be achieved by creating the chat from the other product in the first place, or by tapping or clicking on the "Open in To Do" button shown at the bottom of the task list (if you have To Do installed).

From this area, you can choose to disconnect Zenchat (i.e. stop using Zenchat to discuss the project in another product), connect another product such as To Do, or open the project in another product (in this case, Base).

The resource owner (i.e. the product in which the project was initially created) is also marked.


From here you can manage the notifications relevant to the chat. You can mute the chat notifications entirely, or choose to receive "Intelligent" or "All" notifications for main chat messages or topics. Tap on the different notification types to toggle between the options. Learn more about notifications here.

Message Filter

The message filter is a setting that enables you to choose what kind of information is shared in the chat apart from the usual chat messages.

Topics are in-chat notifications about messages that are about tasks created in the chat

Activities are in-chat notifications about the creation, modification or deletion of tasks in the chat

To turn on these types of notifications, click or tap the toggle to the on (green) position.

Delete Group

This option is available only for group chats. If you are the creator of the group, you will have the option to delete it from the chat settings. Click "Delete Group" and then confirm by clicking "Delete" again in the small pop up.