Notifications in Zenchat can be used to inform you of everything from a new message or @mention, to new tasks, changes to tasks, and task deletion. There are two levels of notification settings - one is from the main app settings, and one is on a per-chat basis.

App notification settings

The app notification settings found in your general Zenchat setting simply determine where you receive notifications. To access these settings, tap or click on your profile icon, then on "Settings". From there, go to the "Notifications" section. Here you can toggle on and off the three options:

  • Email: Notifications will be sent to your primary email address.
  • Desktop: Notifications will appear as notifications on your desktop.
  • Mobile: Notifications will be sent via push notification to your mobile device with Zenchat installed.

Chat notification settings

In each separate chat you have the option to choose what kind of notifications you want from that particular chat. At the top, you'll see an option to mute the entire chat so that you receive no notifications at all from that chat. There are then two different types of notifications you can receive if you wish:

  • Main Chat: The main chat notification type refers to messages sent within the chat itself. You can choose to receive all notifications of this type, or only to be notified when you're @mentioned.
  • Topics: Topics refer to notifications generated by tasks created within the chat. You have three options here - to mute them completely, receive all topic notifications, or receive only notifications for tasks you're assigned to or @mentioned in.

View notifications

To view the notifications you receive, click on your profile icon in the top left hand corner, then "Notifications". This will open a small popup where all notifications can be viewed chronologically. From here you can:

  • Toggle between read and unread notifications using the "Status" option
  • Mark all notifications as read
  • Access app notification settings