You can edit various aspects of your subscription such as your billing address, payment information, and more from the product settings. You can also find your billing history and all invoices here.

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Open the subscription management settings

Click on your profile icon (found in the top right or bottom left-hand corner, depending on the app), click "Settings" then go to the "Subscription" section. 

Click on the "Manage" button shown underneath your plan badge. This will open a small pop-up showing your current plan and various other options.

Edit or cancel your subscription

Click on the white button at the top that shows your subscription type (e.g. Plus - Annually - EUR).  To edit your subscription type, add or reduce the number of members you want to pay for, or apply a coupon, click on "Edit Subscription". You can switch between monthly and yearly subscriptions using the tabs at the top.

To edit your subscription, click "Edit Subscription". To cancel it, click "Cancel Subscription".

Change your billing frequency

Click on "Edit Subscription" To change whether you pay annually or monthly, use the blue drop-down menu at the top of the dialog that shows your current subscription type e.g. "Plus - annually - EUR".

Increase or decrease the number of seats in your subscription

Click on "Edit Subscription". To change the number of members you pay for, click on where it says "Qty X", then choose a number from the drop-down menu, or if you have more than 10, type in the new number. Fees will be automatically pro-rated, so if you add new users in the middle of a billing cycle, you'll only be charged for the time they're active. The same goes for moving to an annual instead of a monthly subscription. Click "Update" when you're done.

Cancel your subscription

To cancel, click on "Cancel Subscription", share a reason for cancellation, if you want, then "Confirm Cancellation". Your subscription will be canceled and your access to paid features will be removed at the end of the billing period.

Edit your billing information

From the first page of the subscription manager, click on "Account Information" then on your name or company name to update your name and billing email address.

To change your billing address, click "Billing & Shipping Address".

Change your payment method

To update your payment method, click on "Payment Methods". You can edit existing payment methods, or add a new one to act as a backup should payment from your first method not work for any reason. If you have multiple payment methods entered, you can remove one at any time.

The payment method labelled as "Primary" will be charged automatically when a new invoice is issued (e.g. when your subscription renews or you add more seats to your plan). If it doesn't work, you will receive an email about it. Our subscription handler will make 4 attempts to collect payment from the card before your account is temporarily frozen for non-payment.

If you have provided a backup card, please contact and ask them to charge that card to pay your open invoice(s).

Download past invoices

From the first page of the subscription manager, click on "Billing History" to view and optionally download all past invoices.