You see warnings above some resources

If you are the person responsible for your team's subscription, and other members of your team are getting warning notices about their limits being reached, or you see a warning above one of the resources, then the owner of the resource needs to transfer ownership of any containing resources that they own, but your team are collaborating in, to you.

To transfer ownership, the owner must go to the resource settings, click on "Access" then on "Transfer Ownership". They can then select another member from the list of members to transfer ownership to.

You have a subscription, but your account is frozen

Your account is frozen if you can see your work, but can't make any changes to it. This will happen if you have an invoice that is more than 30 days overdue. Please contact so they can process payment for the invoice.

You want to remove a subscription cancellation

If you've cancelled your subscription but have changed your mind, you can remove the cancellation yourself from your subscription settings. Click your profile icon, choose "Settings", go to the "Subscription" section and click on "Manage". Click on the white button at the top that shows the currently active subscription (e.g. Plus - annually - EUR).

At the top you will see a blue bar stating the the subscription is due to be cancelled. Click "Remove scheduled cancellation" and then click "Confirm".

Alternatively, let our billing team know and we can remove the cancellation for you. Contact or use the in-app chat to talk to one of our support agents.

Your previous subscription is no longer active and you'd like to reactivate it

At the moment this is something our team will have to handle for you. Please reach out to our support team via the in-app chat, or send an email to

You want to transfer your subscription to another user

Contact to request a transfer. Please provide the email address the new subscription holder uses to log into Zenkit, and include them in CC to the email. Once the subscription has been transferred, you'll need to ensure that all resources your team collaborate in are also transferred to them.