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Pages are the building blocks of a notebook. There are several ways to create a new page:

From Pages or Table view

From the Pages and Table view you can click on the "+ Add Page" button in the top right-hand corner of the view. 

Clicking this will open the new note with the title "New Page".

From Graph view

The "+ Add Page" button is also shown on the graph view, however clicking it will open a small box with which you can search for an existing note, or create a new page. 

Simply type in the name of the page and click "Create", or if there's already a page that matches your term, you can click to open it from the search results. A new page created this way will appear on the graph as a node attached to the "Unconnected" node:

Another way to create a new page from the graph is to hover your mouse over any node you want your note to connect to, then click it to open the same "Find or Create Page" box. 

A page created this way will become part of the graph, connected to the node you had originally hovered over:

You can also create a new page from the search bar, shown just under the notebook cover in the navigation panel to the left. To do so, simply type in the name of your new note, then click "Create Page "{your new note name}" at the top of the list of results.


Creating a new page this way will immediately open the new page so you can start working on it right away.

From within another page

Finally, you can create a new note while typing in another note. To do so, type square brackets around the name of your new note. You can do this simply in the middle of another sentence. For example: This is a sentence with an inline link to [[my new note]].

Notes created in this manner will, of course, not open automatically (so that you can continue working on the page you currently have open!). However, if you click on the link created by the square brackets, it will take you to an empty note with the same title as the text you wrote between the brackets.

Another way to add a new page from within another page is to use the quick command menu, which appears after you type a "/". Select "Page Reference" from the dropdown list of options.

Doing so will create the square brackets for you, and once you've added your title text you can either hit "Enter" or click "Create Page".