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The side panel can be thought of as a kind of sandbox where you keep the notes you're currently working on and need to reference frequently. It's quick to pin notes to the panel, and they can be worked on directly in the panel without having to open the page itself. 

Open the side panel

To open the side panel, simply hold down shift then click on a page, wherever it may appear. This works for pages:

  • In the table view
  • In the page view
  • Linked within a note as a reference
  • Linked within a note in the side panel or in a mention
  • Nodes on the knowledge graph

To hide the side panel, click the right-facing arrow icon in the top right. You can open the panel again any time using the shift+click shortcut.

Using the side panel

There's not really much to say about using the side panel. Once a note is open there, it stays there until you use the X to remove it from the panel. You can have multiple notes open in the panel at the same time. 

To modify a note that's open in the panel, simply click anywhere on the note to make the cursor appear. You can open a note up completely (i.e. open the page) by clicking the expanding arrow icon.