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As with all Zenkit products, you can use Hypernotes alone, or with as many people as you like (within the limits of your plan).

Adding members to your notebooks

You can add other people to your notebooks so that you can collaborate with them on collecting information, adding new notes, expanding existing pages, and much more!

To add a member, open the notebook settings, then go to the "Access" section.

You'll see a list of all the members who currently have access to the notebook. At the bottom of this window, you'll see two options, "Add Member" and "Transfer Ownership".

Choose "Add Member" to either add a Zenkit user you already collaborate with, or invite someone to join you.

To add someone you already work with in Zenkit as a member of the notebook, simply start typing their name. The list of suggestions will match what you type.

To add someone you don't yet collaborate with, whether they already have a Zenkit account or not, you can use the "Invite {Name} to Zenkit" button at the bottom of the page.

This will open a window where you can add the user's name and email address, and send them an invitation to join Zenkit.

Once someone has been added to your notebook, they'll be able to see and work on all of your pages, create their own pages, and work with tasks.


Tasks are a perfect way to collaborate with others in your notebooks. You can assign tasks to other notebook members, work on them at the same time, or use them to manage the writing workload.

Tasks in Hypernotes are pretty simple, comprising of basic task management fields such as a task description, due date, subtasks, and attachments. You can learn all about tasks in our article on tasks.


Commenting is another great way to collaborate. You can comment on pages or on tasks. Comments allow you to send text comments, of course, but also voice messages, files, even drawings!

Add a comment on a page

To comment on a page, click on the comment icon in the top right-hand corner of the open page.

Click into the "Add comment..." field and type to add your comment. Hit enter to send it. Any comments added afterwards appear above the comment you added.

Add a comment on a task

To comment on a task, open the task, then scroll to the very bottom. You'll see "Comments" and "Activities". If no comment yet exists, you'll just be shown some information about when the task was created.

Comments here act more like a chat, with new comments appearing underneath older ones.

Adding a voice note

To comment on something using a voice note, click or tap the microphone icon on the right-hand side. A timer will appear showing how long you've been speaking.

To cancel the recording, click the X icon. To send it, click the send arrow on the right. Voice messages appear in the comments and can be played, paused, or scrolled through.

Adding a file, item, or drawing to a comment

You can insert files from your system by clicking "Select file". This will open the file browser on your device.

To add a drawing, click "Drawing". This will open the drawing canvas where you can create your own image or diagram and send it as a comment.

Add Item allows you to search for and select a note or another task and attach a link to it in the comment. 

Direct mentions

Lastly, a huge benefit to collaboration is the ability to mention a member of your notebook in any comment using the @ sign, followed by their name. Zenkit will autocomplete the members you collaborate with as you search their name:

An @mention will notify the user mentioned directly via an in-app notification, email, toast, or mobile notification, depending on their notification settings. This means that even if someone isn't a member of the task you're commenting on, or hasn't read the page you're commenting on, they'll still be made aware that you need their attention.