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With Zenkit To Do you can organize your tasks, meetings, events, trips, ideas, notes, places, shopping lists, and whatever needs to be organized so you have more time for the important things in life.

Your tasks can be added quickly via the "Quick Add" button, sorted and coordinated in folders and lists, downloaded and accessed offline, and even contain subtasks and checklists.

Smart lists

Smart lists like Starred, Today, This Week, and Assigned to Me help you, know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Smart lists are lists that update dynamically when you make changes to tasks in your other lists and folders, for example by adding a star or a due date. You can access your smart list settings from the Zenkit To Do app settings. From here you can either hide smart lists or make them visible.

Reminders, Repeaters, and Recurring Tasks

Reminders in Zenkit To Do are known as "absolute" reminders, which means that you set a reminder for a specific time and date and it doesn't rely on the due date (e.g. remind me on Tuesday at 4 pm). 

You can set reminders by opening the tasks and clicking the field "Reminder".

With a Plus subscription or higher, you can create recurring tasks by adding a repeater. This can be really helpful for scheduling recurring meetings, weekly or daily tasks, or even as a birthday reminder! When you mark a recurring task as complete, the next one will still appear.

Files, Attachments and Notes

You can add as many files, images, drawings, and other attachments to your tasks. To do so you can either drag and drop or upload files from your device.

Notes can be added to every task. When you expand the field a large text field will appear from which you can edit the text in "HTML", "Markdown" or as plain text.


Share your lists and folders with your team, friends, and family. Assign members to tasks and comment or @mention others to discuss the details.

With a plus plan or higher, you will be able to assign specific roles to your tasks. Roles give your members certain permissions within folders and lists.