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The List view is the easiest view of Zenkit. It is the simplest place to put down your ideas as a stream of thoughts or a list of activities. The best thing about the List view is its effortlessness. You can enter everything you need to get started without worrying about how it will be categorized, who is responsible for everything, when it is due, etc. The list is where you start laying the groundwork for your projects.

Creating the list view

To switch to the list view, click on the "+" icon on the right side of the tab bar. Choose "List" and select "Create".

Creating tasks in the list view

Click on the page labeled "Add Task" and start typing your task.

Press the Enter key to start creating the next task.

Moving tasks

Moving tasks in the list is very simple. Click on a task and drag and drop it to the new position.

You can also move tasks between projects from the list view. Click and drag the task to your navigation menu and drop it on the name of the project you want to move it to.