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With the global Kanban board, you have all your tasks and processes at a glance and can quickly get an overview of the progress of all your projects. To create a global Kanban, click on "Create Smart View" and select "Global Kanban".

After creating your global Kanban, the board can be found in the side panel on the left side in the "Smart View" section.

All tasks are automatically grouped by stage. You can see which project you belong to by the light green label, which contains the name of your project.

Just as with other Smart Views, you can change the grouping. For this, you can choose a primary and a secondary grouping, which makes it easier to find your tasks.

The primary grouping is the name of the lists. The secondary grouping is the subdivision within the lists. Choose between Stage, Assigned to, and Tags respectively.

To make it easier to search and find specific tasks, you can filter by condition. This way, only the tasks that match the desired conditions will be displayed.

Select in which form the condition should be found in the task by clicking the arrow next to the filter conditions.

When filtering for at least two conditions, you can choose between "and" and "or". With "and" all your selected conditions must apply to the filter results, while with "or" at least one condition always applies to the filtered tasks.

Click the "..." icon at the right edge of the global kanban to edit the number of visible lists, the position of the image, and the task size.