Once a form is created you may still have to change or manage some parts of it. Such as the name, its appearance, the workspace it corresponds to and so on. To manage all of that, simply open the form settings. 

The form settings can be accessed by clicking "Settings" in the right left corner of the (opened) form.

At the very top, you will see the collection name. By clicking on it, you will be guided to the collection settings and will be able to manage the collection from there. Below that you will get the option to manage the form's theme. This can make your forms look appealing and give them a personal touch. You can change your form's name by clicking the bar below and typing the new name in.

The toggles below that can be enabled by simply clicking on the switch (green means active). "Number Controls Consecutively" will number all control types you implemented in your form consecutively.  By activating "Show Progress", it becomes visible to the respondent how many questions and fields are left for them to answer or fill out. When activating "Hide Branding", respondents won't see our branding. "Duplicate Check" means that if you switched on, entered values in the form that already exist in the combination, you will receive a warning.

With the following, you will be able to set up where confirmation emails should be sent to. 

The "Success Page" is displayed after the form has been successfully submitted. Add a title, and text and choose whether the form can be restarted after completing it.