If you are already familiar with our other products within the Zenkit Suite, a division into Workspaces and Collections will certainly look very familiar to you. Zenforms works exactly the same way. After a form is filled out, you will find the responses in a Collection. You can easily view them by selecting "Responses" on the button above the form pages.

Here you will find a table with all the answers. 

The special thing about collecting the answers in a collection is that you can process them immediately. 

Expanding with additional information

It often happens that after filling out a form for the first time and after there is further contact with the respondents, new information is acquired. You can easily add this information to the answers in the collection. 

Create new fields

If you want to add additional information to the acquired answers in the collection, you can do this by creating new fields. You can create a new field by clicking on "+ New field" on the right side of the table. 

Choose from the various fields in Zenkit and edit them to your liking. 

Editing the information received

In the case of a newsletter subscription, for example, customers may send additional information and conditions to you via other channels after they have filled out your form for the newsletter subscription. Edit the fields simply by clicking on them and entering the desired information there. 

Search, filter and find answers

If there are many responses within the collection, it is often very helpful to be able to search and find them specifically. The filter function here in Zenkit can be very helpful.

Add new conditions, remove those you no longer need when filtering and use the And/Or function. 

If you need more information about the filter function, click here