Just like in every other Zenkit product, the changes, comments and activities to a note can be viewed, undone and on top of that easily accessed. 

Simply hover over the bullet point and click on the little grey dot on the left side of it. 

You will then land on a page that is subordinate to this bullet point. Here you can add new text, but also write comments on your bullet point and view the activities. To access that, click on "Comments" in the upper right corner.

Leaving comments to bullet points

Especially, when working on a notebook together, it can come in handy to be able to comment on the different bullet points. That way you can easily keep track of everyone's thoughts on one specific point on the page without the comments and bullet points becoming confusingly tangled. 

Type the text, you want to send into the text box, add smileys, @mention your coworkers and more! You could even record a voice memo, attach files to your comments and add a drawing. To send a reply to comment simply hover over it and click the "..." symbol. 

Activities and Changes

Let's say, you made a change to one of your bullet points, that you now want to undo. 

You can either click "Activities" or "Changes" to view all of the changes. Activities will show all activities including the comments and replies while within the "Changes" section, you will only find changes that have been made to the text itself. 

When clicking on one of the changes, you will get the option to undo or even write a comment to it. 

You can find a list of all activities within a notebook via the notebook settings. To get there, click on the notebook in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen and select "Activities". 

All activities that have been carried out in the notebook are listed here. By clicking on them, you can leave comments on the various activities and also undo them.