The Tags field is one of the strongest fields in Zenkit. It can be used in many ways. In Zenkit To Do, you can view the tasks for each tag across lists and easily create new ones as well as existing ones. 

Create tags

Unlike in Zenkit Base, the field is directly implemented in your lists. Simply click in the "Search or create tag" field and type in your desired tag. The ones that already exist will appear below the type bar. If you want to create a new tag, click "Create". Always pay attention to the spelling when searching the tags (upper and lower case), as otherwise several tags would be created for which you have only intended one.

Adjust colour

Give your tags their own colour from within the field settings by clicking the line "Search or create tag" and then selecting the "..." symbol. 

You will see a coloured circle to the left of the existing tags. Click on this to select a new colour for your tag.

Edit and delete tags

Within the settings menu, you can also edit the tags of your list. Click on the line of the tag to change the title. To change the order, in which your tags are displayed, simply drag and drop them to the position you want them in.

Many users have asked how tags can be deleted across tasks and thus removed from the overview in the navigation panel. You can do this as follows: To delete the tags, click on the "x" to the right of the respective tag. 

Please note that this will remove the tags across tasks.

With the buttons below the list of tags, you can allow multiple selections (green means allowed) and limit the creation of new tags to the field settings. This means that within the list in the task details you can only select from existing tags and avoids the creation of the same tag multiple times.

The last field allows you to assign a default label to the tasks in your list. This can come in handy, for example, for lists in which ideas are collected that first have to be "approved". For example, you could add a "Requires approval" tag.

Please remember to hit save after all the changes you have made.