Using access control, you can show selected content to your collection staff. The collection should remain clear for all participants. To achieve this, you can display only the information necessary for the members by defining the fields that are visible to the relevant staff members. 

For our case, we want to show the fields "Date", "Description" and "Assigned to" to the staff member.

To do this, click on the small member icon in the upper left corner of the collection and select the member for whom you want to set access. 

Please note that the collection member may only be an editor, a staff member, a commentator or a guest of the collection, so that the access can be further individualised.

You can then click on "Access Control" in the "Advanced" section. A window will now open in which you could apply filters in the lower section. Above this is a button for "Field Restrictions". Activate it (green).

In the next step, you can select below the button whether you want to select fields that are hidden or those that are visible.

By clicking on the field below, you will get a list of all fields from which you can now choose. 

In our case, as mentioned above, we want to show the employee the fields "Date", "Description" and "Assigned to". So we first select "Select fields to show" and then the corresponding fields from the selection. You can tell if a field is selected or not by the blue ticks.

Certain fields must always be visible to all members, so that the primary field (title) and all static fields (created by/on, changed by/on, etc.) are not available in the selection.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can click again on the person's name in the left corner of the window. The field restrictions are now adjusted. To save them, click on "Save" in the right-hand corner of the member overview.

In addition to the field restrictions, you can also apply filters in the access control to the respective members. Click here to learn more about this.