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You can remove a connection from the "Zenkit Suite" section of your resource settings. Disconnecting your resource doesn't mean that it is deleted, it simply will appear only for the "Resource Owner" i.e. the product that it was created in, and subsequently shared from, and other resources where the connection still remains.

The resource owner is labelled as such, with "Resource Owner". You'll know whether your resource is connected to another product as it will state "Connected" or "Not connected, yet" underneath the product name.

In this example, we are in the "Zenkit Suite" section of the resource in Base. Base is the resource owner, and the resource has been connected to Zenchat, but not to To Do.

To disconnect it, you'll need to access it from the product you wish to disconnect (in this case, Zenchat). To do so, tap or click "Open" (or simply find it in the other product). 

For example, if the collection in Base has been connected to Zenchat, to disconnect it, you'll need to open the chat settings in Zenchat, go to Zenkit Suite, and tap or click "Disconnect" next to "Zenchat", as pictured above.