Subtasks are a really helpful way to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. Subtasks in Zenkit To Do are more like a checklist, in that the subtasks cannot be assigned to a member or given a due date (or have any other additional information) individually.

Adding a subtask

You can add a subtask simply by tapping or clicking in the "Add a subtask..." field. Hit Enter or tap/click "Add" to add the subtask. The cursor will appear in the next line to add the next subtask so you can quickly add a long list if you need to.

Marking a subtask as complete

Just like a normal task, a subtask will have a round circle next to it. Tap or click this to mark the subtask as done. The circle will get a blue checkmark and the subtask itself will be struck through. You can uncheck it by tapping the circle again.

Removing a subtask

To remove a subtask from the mobile app, swipe left on the task and tap the X. On the web or desktop app, click the X that appears next to the subtask name on hover.