To add a member to a folder in Zenkit To Do, open the folder settings and go to "Access". To open the folder settings on your computer, hover over the folder name in the navigation panel and click the "..." icon that appears. 

To open the folder settings on your mobile device, swipe left on the name of the folder on the home menu and tap the "..." button.

It is only possible for the owner of a folder or a direct member of that folder to manage folder access in this way.

In the Access section, tap or click on "Add Member" then use the search to find a user you already collaborate with by name or email address. If you want to invite a new user to join Zenkit To Do, tap or click "Invite Member to Zenkit" at the bottom of the add member dialogue.

Type in the email address and full name of the user, then tap or click "Send Invitation". Once you've sent the invitation, you can begin adding them to other folders and lists, or assigning them to tasks. Once they log in for the first time, they will have access to all the lists and folders you added them to, and will see all tasks assigned to them.


If you are part of a Zenkit Organization i.e. your company has a Business plan, then you may also see an option to "Add group". This allows you to add all members of a particular group to a folder at once. To learn more about groups, see our article on group management in the "Organizations" section of this Help Center.